thespinning whispered: What was your biggest regret Tate?

Not letting myself see what life was like outside of high school. I mean, everything ends, right?

Anonymous whispered: Do you believe Ben Harmon when he stated that you were a psychopath would this make you a self aware Psychopath?

I don’t know that psychobabble bullshit. Ask Ben if I’m self aware or whatever. I mean, I know what I did and why I did it… If that means anything.

victoriajoaquin whispered: Thanks for the Pearl Jam music in your blog, it makes me happy. :)


Anonymous whispered: Did you kill those kids at your school because you were upset that kurt cobain had died?


nyx-thenight whispered: !!!you're back?!

Seems like it.

Anonymous whispered: what do you want most in this world ?

To be happy again… like I was with Violet. I mean, I’d never felt that before. 

Anonymous whispered: what song are you currently obsessed with?

Dust to Dust by The Civil Wars. 

exceptvodka whispered: "I'm impressed and all, but where do you plan on hiding the /body/?"

Which one?

Anonymous whispered: Tate! Lets get married!