Anonymous whispered: I agree that season 3 was a disappointment! All my friends said it was their favourite season and I can't understand why..

// it had promise, but it seemed like they were writing it episode-by-episode rather than having a precise beginning, middle, and endpoint from the beginning. it was far too confusing and jumbled at times. kyle’s entire plotline was not needed. nor was the axeman. if it were up to me, i would have done that season completely different.

Anonymous whispered: what interested you in tate more than kit? and what was your favorite season of ahs?

// i don’t know. there was something endearing about tate, something in his personae that made him more appealing to me. yes, kit was cool as well, but tate had so much going on… so many different things happened to him, which all lined up and caused him to snap. i think exploring what was left out of his character development during the season was something that i really wanted to dive in to and figure out. and my favorite season had to be #1, with #2 as a close runner up. #3 was a serious disappointment.

Anonymous whispered: I'm an rp account, and I'm new. No one is rping with me or anything I guess maybe my character is used to much, should I delete?

// no. just stick it out. reach out to people. if it makes you happy, you should never quit.

Anonymous whispered: how much followers do you ,have how many do you follow?

// i follow 101 blogs.

i-am-a-harmon-bitch whispered: //*Abuses ask* ;3 May I just say- You have to be one of the most accurate portrayals of Tate I had seen on tumblr.

// thank you. i tried to stay close to who he was and i’m glad you guys like him. 

Anonymous whispered: in ahs did Tate had a crush on the cheerleader girl at westfield high

// i don’t think he even knew who she was. 

livewithoutpause whispered: so I'm wondering... who is the man/woman behind the blog?

// what do you want to know?

Anonymous whispered: your the best tate rp that ive seen. i love you<3 kbye (:

// tkskbye.(:

but seriously, thanks.

deadviolets whispered: /ooc and on the DL. You're me favorite Tate blog and definitely my "Tumblr crush". We should write together some time?

// totally. name the time and place.

Anonymous whispered: Who are you really? Like if you were anything like the character Tate (minus the brutal killing) you'd be super hot but you're just a person acting as if you were Tate. It's funny reading your messages as if you or Tate was real. You are one dedicated fan, dude.

// i’m a person who liked a character, so i started a blog. and no, i’ve never killed someone. i mean, i did kill a potato bug last week … and i still feel bad for doing so. and thanks. i’m taking the “super hot” compliment whether you mean it still or not.

brokenbrittany whispered: Is this your only blog or do you have a personal one as well? Jw.

// i do have a personal blog. 

ashyboo345 whispered: Hi Tate, where do I find season 2? Bc I saw the first on Netflix but not 2? (:

// netflix.

Anonymous whispered: how many followers do you have? becuz you get a shit load of questions.

// i don’t want to post it, because i don’t want to be like “oh hey look how many i have” but it is over 1k and i honestly still can’t believe this many of you follow me. 

i-am-a-harmon-bitch whispered: //Oh shit. I just had to say this. Your Tate reactions to anons make me burst out laughing. They just bring tears to my eyes. A+

// :)